You've Won!

The story you are about to read requires your mental participation as well as a thick skin. When you begin to read this story, imagine that you have just received a series of spam emails that are all highly insulting and slightly inhumane. This should be relatively easy because the format is meant to mimic this, and the spam emails will most definitely offend some, but that’s not quite difficult in this day and age, now is it? Once inside the story’s interactive space, feel free to click around and explore your “options”. Links to other pages are shown in red, but don’t click around too fast- make sure to take your time and read every page you encounter. Headphones are recommended, not only because there are many, very obnoxious sound effects throughout the piece, but because they will allow you to focus better on the somewhat tortuous environment the piece provides its lucky winners. Congratulations, and enjoy!

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